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Google Maps now hi-res in Waterloo

For the longest time, Google Maps' super-high-resolution images were only available in large city areas, like New York, Toronto, etc. I noticed recently, however, that Kitchener-Waterloo has it now.

I can actually see my car parked at my building. I can also tell that it was taken before May (when the large tree at the bottom right was taken down by a storm) in the summer (all the trees are full and green) and that it was early morning (from the shadows).

I wonder if this has anything to do with Google opening up a larger office in Waterloo soon.

How to make a To-Do List work

There's a great little article over at What's the next action about how to make an effective To-Do list. If you don't find making lists effective, it might be because you're doing it wrong!

Some of the key points are:

Use verbs: Everything on the list needs to be actionable, which generally means it should start with a verb.
Be specific: If an action isn't specific enough, it's easy to defer it since you don't really know what the "next action" is.
Group by context: Group your tasks by context. (at the computer, on the phone, running errands, etc.)
Focus on "next": Filter out everything except the very next task for each context.