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h5note: HTML5 Notepad

For the longest time, I've been searching for a quick, easy way to take quick meeting notes.

I used to use a text editor called SciTE, the same editor I use for quick code editing, but I find managing files in a file system to be a real pain.

When I had an iPad for a while, I liked the default Notes application, but hated that there was no cloud storage or synchronization. (No, the crappy Gmail sync doesn't count)

Then I heard about EverNote. I thought that was the answer to my prayers, but unfortunately those guys decided  to add every conceivable feature in the universe and have ended up with a bloated mess that takes an hour and a half to load.

There's a bunch of others I've tried too, like UberNote, Springpad, and the Diigo mishmash of apps.

But nothing was small enough, or simple enough for my taste.

So I did what any good developer does.

I created a "learning" project to scratch my own itch.

I used technology I've discussed at the HTML5 Toronto Meet…