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WHY are YOU doing a startup?

Everyone and their friend's brother's baker seems to be doing a tech startup these days.

If you're not building your own web or mobile app, you're just not part of the cool crowd.

Some of these startups have investors and funding. Some don't.

To all you founders out there, I have one question:

WHY are YOU doing a startup?
Starting a new company is not easy.

I started my consulting company, Syllogistic Software, in 2003. It's almost been a decade, and the road to success was winding, ever-changing, and mostly uphill.

My startup, PMRobot, has been in the works for anywhere from 2-4 years, depending on how you count. I've poured in my heart and soul, with little financial reward.

So again, WHY are YOU doing a startup?

Are you hoping to get rich?

Please, please, please stop right now if that's the case.

The odds that your company will last more than a few years are less than 50/50.

Then, if you do survive -- after many years of blood, sweat and tears -- the…