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The St. Kitts car purchasing guide

Buying a car in St. Kitts
Purchasing a vehicle in St. Kitts is not easy, but with armed with some basic knowledge, some hard work and searching will get you a... somewhat ok car.

The very first thing you should do is read a previous VIP's detailed article about his car purchasing experience. This was written in 2012, but it still extremely relevant.

You should also read the Ross University page about vehicles and driving.

Budget and Price Ranges
There are 4 major price ranges:

$3,000-$5,000 USD: Average "island car" - More than 10 years old, many "island quirks"$5,000-$7,000 USD: Average "island SUV" - More than 10 years old, many "island quirks"$7,000-$10,000 USD: Good vehicle - Still more than 10 years old, but only a few minor quirksover $10,000 USD: In this price range, you start to find newer vehicles that might pass for a reasonable used car in the United States
Car or SUV?
The next major decision is to get a car vs. getting an SUV. Th…