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How to win an election in 2016

This was the first time I've ever bet real money on an election.

And I won.

Even I'm a bit surprised. But only a bit.

In mid-October, I posted "Why Trump Could Still Win" at a time when major news outlets said that a Trump win was virtually impossible.

Good ol' Michael Moore  (yeah he's still around) made a far more eloquent prediction at "5 Reasons Why Trump Will Win".

Of course, way back in July 2015, I took note of Trump's social media campaign, and realized that this election would be won or lost on social media.

This was also true for Obama in 2008 and 2012, but one major, major thing had changed: The Facebook and Twitter demographic.

It used to be that these were filled to the brim with liberal college students.

Now there's a much more diversified crew. The rural "red" states are much better connected, and much easier to reach.

My political leanings are complicated. I don't fit nicely into either of the traditional Libera…