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When did software go off the rails?

As CTO of The Rumie Initiative, I spend a decent amount of time trying to find tech solutions that offer "the most for the least" in terms of computing power vs. cost.

There is one thing that has baffled me in my long career in technology.

Hardware capability increases exponentially, but software somehow just bloats up, using the power and space, without providing much more functionality or value.

Computer specs from the past 30 years

YearExampleCostSpeed (MHz)RAM (MB)Storage (MB)1977TRS-80$599.9520.0040.61981IBM PC$3,000.0050.0630.21982Commodore 64$595.0010.0630.21985Amiga 1000$1,295.0070.2500.91990Amiga 3000$3,000.0016